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    _Do you really think that I, Mo Fan will lose just like that?_

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    The progress is a bit slow,” the youth called Yu Ang replied.

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    Is it true,t it’s only those from The Black Church that can finish their cultivation in five months?” Mo Fan asked faintly.

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    The reflection of the flames were visible on Mo Fan’s face. His face was smiling, and his confidence was soaring.

    Luo Yunbo was the military instructor who guided the team this time.

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    Teacher, I heard that this protective stone door is made by our Bo City’s Construction Master, Earth element Magician Zhang Yuheng. No magic beneath the Intermediate-level is capable of moving it?” The young lady Ba Zhoumin asked while being the good student she was.

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    A few Battlemages were smiling to themselves. Normally within this stronghold, their Boss Zhankong would beat them until cuts and bruises were all over their bodies. Who would’ve known that there’d be a time where even Boss Zhankong would have a headache, too?

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