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    Mu Bai noticed a pattern: the little male Medusae were only following the little female Medusae around, and would only attack under the little female Medusae's guidance. Without the little female Medusae, they were nothing but a sheet of loose sand, timid and weak!.


    When speaking of monsters, Brianca was the real monster among them! Mo Fan was confused why someone so strong would stand so aloof from worldly success?.

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    Do you like me? Apas said in a serious voice..

    Will Cannon... Heidi spread her arms and focused her Will on the young Medusa.…

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    Similarly, the creature that had intimidated the pack of wolves did not show itself right away, either, hiding inside the poisonous mist. It was not afraid of an Advanced Mage like Mo Fan, but it could sense the Super Level Brianca.…

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    The Queen of the Netherworld had the ability to Possess someone. She was also completely untraceable. Mo Fan thought she was not going to show up, but she had stepped forward in time to clean up his mess. He was quite touched by it.…

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    The fact had allowed the Steel-Armored Beast to stay alive this long, but it was suffering from serious injuries. It would still die from their poison, even if the Medusae ignored it.…

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    Obviously, if the three Soul-grade Flames were given to three different people, they were only slightly above average. They were not really that remarkable...…

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    I'm not your aunt. Ask your Little Flame Belle to lend me her Contract Space. I don't want to sleep in the same room with that little b**ch! the Queen of the Netherworld said..

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    Captain Saks did not take the initiative to attack. Normally, if a Wind Mage found himself in an unfavorable position, they could retreat at any time. Mo Fan and Heidi had no way of keeping him here, but the guy would stop fleeing after he moved a certain distance away to dodge Mo Fan's spells..

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    The Dark Swordmaster quickly recovered. It was greatly ashamed by Mo Fan managing to land a hit on it. It held the sword in a different stance as both it and its horse turned around while they were skidding away!.


    In comparison to how calm and collected he was when figuring out a way to lure the Medusae away and guarantee the convoy's safety, the man was now like a little kid overwhelmed by fear, as if he was totally clueless about Egypt, the desert, and the Medusae.…


    There are guards everywhere. There's a war going on now; I doubt there's any way we can sneak into the city, Mu Bai shook his head.…