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    However, the antidotes were not useful in every situation. They normally served as an ingredient. There were many kinds of poison, thus they would have to mix the right ingredients according to the situation to produce the right antidote.


    Saks suddenly felt a great chill coming down from above while he was grumbling to himself.

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    It turned out that he was too gentle during the World College Tournament, too merciful toward this self-important scum. Otherwise, why would Sayed even dare to take his stuff!?

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    Nothing, I just don't understand why she had to place Herr Casa under a Curse. If she really is an extremist who was concerned about the Alps Institute, she should have known the consequences of doing anything to Herr Casa... Mo Fan tried to hint to Brianca.

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    Mm, it's me… oh, she came to look for you, Li Yu'e seemed unaware of what the Queen of Netherworld had done, yet she did not seem surprised by the missing gaps in her memory when her body was taken over. It really felt like nothing could really shock her.

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    Damn it, these guys are monsters too! Saks grumbled anxiously.

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    Even though the Lesser Medusae were not interested in the Camel Beasts, they had no reason to reject meat that was right before them. They wrapped around the Camel Beasts and devoured them quickly!

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    His men were struggling to fend off so many Enormous White Wolves at once. They were forced to set up a barrier to prevent the fierce Summoned Beasts from pressing in any further.

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    There were always scum, regardless of where you were. It was not Mo Fan's first encounter with corrupted soldiers. They were clearly attacking them to get the young Medusa back!

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    It was Mu Bai's turn to attack. Deadly icicles danced wildly like an icy storm. They were as deadly as blades when spinning so fast. They swept past the Advisor Mummy and shredded the shroud wrapping its body.


    The moonlight peeked into the ceiling like a veil, yet it stopped right before the corner. Mo Fan was unable to see the figure in it, yet he noticed a pair of glittering eyes!

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    Wolf species had a strong sense of danger, and his senses had continued to sharpen as his rank increased. He knew that the wind slash was only the beginning!

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    Headmistress Perry, Brianca, Ceylan, Jessie, Heidi, Sheryl, Edith, Professor Zheng, Professor Li, Mo Fan, Li Yu'e, and the others were standing high on a tower. Their hearts were beating rapidly.

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    The heads of the hammers were obviously the skull of some enormous beasts. The Silver Snake Commander held each hammer with three hands. It leapt into the air and smashed the ground in the middle of the group. The terrifying hammers easily broke shattered the ground to pieces!

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    Saks began to regret his decision of not fighting Mo Fan together with Vani. No matter how strong Mo Fan was, there was no way he could take on two Super Mages at once. He now had to face Mo Fan alone. He even wondered if Mo Fan would end up killing him too!

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    The trio sprinted across a deserted spacious land. Suddenly, a white bolt of lightning with hints of purple came down from the sky and landed on a truck in front of them.

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    Its surface was full of uninterpretable diagrams and words. Zhao Manyan tried to see something in them, and suddenly noticed one of the diagrams twisting and turning into the face of a child. It was smiling with an innocent bright smile, yet it was utterly spooky in Zhao Manyan's eyes!

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    Mo Fan noticed that Brianca was now able to tell if he was lying. She no longer believed his words so easily. He sighed. -Why did people always change so quickly?-

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