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    It seems like someone has just fallen off the cliff, Xinxia pointed at the cliff, but she did not sound too confident.

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    The comforting words sounded extremely ear-piercing to Mu Ningxue.


    Mo Fan was a destructive Mage, while the Chaos Element was known for its ability to absorb other people's spells and reflect them back at their enemy!

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    It's fine to be picked on like this after receiving such a shocking promotion all of a sudden, but there's something I don't understand. Why is the Hall Mother willing to make me a Candidate if she only wants me to learn? The question had been bothering Xinxia.

    Were they missing, or did you actually see them?

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    The breeze of the Mediterranean Sea swept past. The wind fondled Mu Ningxue's hair like a pair of gentle hands.

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    They had long allied, as they were all afraid of being bitten by Mo Fan, the mad dog!

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    Mo Fan was startled. He could not believe it was the same Zhao Manyan that he knew...

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