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    Eight sharp and long scorpion legs poked into the sand. The distance between its front limbs and rear limbs was greater than the length of a soccer field!

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    I would like to see who in China... Glorkian turned his head around while uttering the words.

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    Liu Ru, Zhang Xiaohou, Su Xiaoluo!

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    Alright, I'll look around at the back of the mountain. Perhaps I can find the cure to the strange disease, said Miyata with a faint smile. She even gave Mo Fan a slight bow.

    However, whenever Mo Fan closed his eyes, he would remember the evil grin under Miyata's innocent face. He had trouble clearing it from his mind.

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    The mysterious man immediately looked at Fang Gu, Mo Fan, Zhang Xiaohou, and the others, yet considering that Salan was still among them, he immediately whispered into Han Ji's ears.

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    Zhao Manyan rapidly cast the Water Spell, not only to protect himself, but Mo Fan too. That guy didn't even have a single defensive Spell!

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    However, he had no clue what the shadow was. He could not even see its whole appearance...

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