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    Look at you. Forget it; if it's just a Soul Remnant, you can take it to compensation for your loss, Mo Fan smiled. He could not be bothered arguing with Sayed over a Soul Remnant.


    He did not need anyone's worship or respect, nor did he care if most people despised or hated him. He just needed to listen to his own heart as it was cleansed by his own tears!

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    The Dark Swordmasters outside the Pyramid are unified. Besides, do you really think those loyal servants aren't interested in the Pharaoh Spring? Shreev scoffed.

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    Don't, I'm just kidding, you saved my life. We are brothers from now on! Zhao Manyan declared.

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    It was not the scariest part about the Sunken Land. The deeper it went, the more the force crushing down would multiply. If the Sunken Land reached a depth of ten to twenty meters, even a Ruler-level creature would be flattened by it, leaving nothing but blood and flesh splattered across it!

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    We'll find an excuse to send them away. We can't afford to involve them.

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    Unlike the previous Ruler-level Mummy, the Skeleton Mummy had a wild temper and great might. It kept chasing after them, not wanting them to leave the chamber.

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    What exactly is going on? Did they really open the entrance of the Underworld so China's undead could invade it? Why does Haken even deserve the praise?… damn it, I've been commanding the army throughout the war for half a year. How could they treat me like that!? Ethan protested angrily.

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    I can really raise an army of wolves at this rate! Mo Fan's heart pounded excitedly.

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    They were currently in the Black Season, the five-year time when the deathlight would last the longest. The enemy challenging the city of Cairo was the Pyramid of Khafre, the second-largest Pyramid in Egypt.

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    The flames lasted for quite some time. The water was evaporated by the heat into steam. The Advisor Mummy was dead at last. Its Soul Remnant was incredibly huge. It slowly floated toward Mo Fan.

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    The lightning is coming! Meos screamed, her face pale.

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    When Heidi entered the area, space began to twist extensively. The Black Medusae that were initially moving swiftly slowed down significantly, as if they had entered an invisible swamp.

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    Heidi soon located the Mage with an afro after following Mo Fan's shadow.

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    He seemed to have had a piece of defensive Equipment that he had held onto as his trump card. He did use it in time, but it still could not stop the flames. It did stop him from being burned into a pile of ashes...

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    They are patrolling very frequently. How are we supposed to get inside the Sunset Shrine? Zoey asked.