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    Mo Fan knew the risk of getting his shoes wet if he kept walking close to the river. As such, he had been splitting the loot evenly between the three members. It was the same reason why it was better not to put all eggs in the same basket, to prevent something like this.

    Humph, I can summon as many of those undead as I want! Shreev had not given up yet. He continued to summon undead to fight for him!


    These serious offenders were only being controlled. The evil presence had granted them strength, but they were still humans.

    Magni Dolores

    They did not look lifeless, but were actually reflecting a sharp light!

    Dolor Sitema

    Frank was severely injured by Mo Fan's Fiery Fist, and then tossed around by Mo Fan's Space Element. He was starting to lose consciousness. His body floated on the water, and he would not be able to get up for some time.

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    Someone quickly voiced their doubts as soon as the starting members were decided.

    In terms of Domain, it was likely that no one was stronger than Mu Ningxue's innate talent. Even strong Mages like Jack and Pinole could feel the strong suppression from her Ice Domain!

    Neque saepe temporibus repellat ea ipsum et. Id vel et quia tempora facere reprehenderit.

    I bet you're the most cunning and dangerous person here, Mo Fan replied seriously.

    Yes, but what if your Space Formation was just a little too late? Mo Fan snapped.

    Do you have the brain of a pig? You knew he came to mess with me, and you still didn't know to invite him into the next room politely? Zhao Youqian rose to his feet and scolded the woman in the blue dress.


    Did I say anything wrong? Zu Huiyin retorted.

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    Little Flame Belle had absorbed most of the damage, and Mo Fan was simply too lazy to dodge the rest of it, since it was easily within the limits that his Demon Flesh could endure!

    Dolor Sitema

    The injured Wind Flame Lightning Vulture spiraled away into a mountain valley, with yellow lightning arcs flickering on its body...

    Sed ut perspiciatis

    The enemy had set up a barrier, meaning that Mo Fan could no longer escape with the Dark Noble Mantle. In addition to that, the Psychic Mage on the enemy team had also tagged him with a mark.

    Magni Dolores

    A few girls that looked like students walked past. They recognized Mu Ningxue who had such an outstanding performance in the opening match. They seemed very excited to see her, yet they did not dare to disturb the two. They only watched them from a distance.

    Nemo Enim

    Zorro did not want to waste his time with Ai Jiangtu. It was tricky taking out a Space Mage, since the man could easily blink away if he realized that he was about to lose.

    Eiusmod Tempor

    We didn't expect it to come to this. The Great Muse Mellaura was standing close to the statue in the garden with a gloomy expression.

    Why choose us?

    Asha'ruiya did not show any reaction. She seemed rather calm, apart from the redness on her face that was slowly disappearing.


    Zhao Manyan glanced at Mo Fan and saw the man was already accumulating his energy. He was unwilling to sit and wait for his defeat. It seemed like he was planning to fend off the incoming attack with violence. He was planning to attack the meteorite with his spell!

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    Voluptates dolores

    Seeing someone in the shop was not a big deal, but Jack's expression sank when he realized that the three people seemed to be interested in the thing he had come back for!

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    Everyone immediately focused their attention on her.

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    A single drop of blood immediately dyed the area within a few hundred meters red, as if the area had been placed under a curse...

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    We've dealt with the source of the plague. It turned out to be some evil energy body with its own consciousness. It's a long story; how did it go at your end? Mo Fan asked.

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