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    Don't panic, it's me. Mo Fan's voice came from outside..


    After Mo Fan knew the truth, he also had nothing to say..

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    Mo Fan turned around and realized that behind him was a twenty-meter tall iron door. It let out a massive sound as it hit the floor, making the ground tremble..

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    The driver saw Mo Fan was with a girl in a wheelchair, and subconsciously wanted to avoid trouble. He pressed the horn, urging Mo Fan to make way..


    Bai Tingting could imagine how dangerous the situation was inside the building when she saw the hole through Song Xia's guts..






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    It seems like you've been waiting here for a long time. Mo Fan looked for the mysterious person who had closed the iron door..

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    Great Demon, you haven't died! Ai Tutu shouted out..

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    A terrifying rock golem with the height of a three-story building stood beside Zheng Bingxiao. Its strength was utterly shocking. A single punch from it could produce a wave of earth over ten meters tall....

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    Mo Fan recalled the scene, but he could not remember anything out of place, because the entire situation was extremely weird to him!.

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    Mo Fan went off to make his attempt. It sounded fairly simple from Tangyue's explanation, but it was not the case when trying to do it. Even though he was only confronting the fear in his Spiritual World, he was still soaked with cold sweat..

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    Mo Fan was speechless as he hastily returned to school..

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    They was nothing the two could do. They would be committing suicide if they went inside. They could only wait and reinforce the group if managed to reach the entrance..


    It's possible that they would end up just like white broken pieces on the ground!.


    The biggest annoyance had been dealt with. Mo Fan's gaze was then fixed onto the traitors, Jia Wenqing and Fu Tianming..

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    Mu Nujiao also returned the Focus necklace to him. She blushed again when she heard Mo Fan describing it like they were exchanging love tokens between them. She immediately walked off, not willing to continue talking with the shameless prick..

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