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A brilliant brown Star Constellation appeared around Shou Watani, setting him off like a god of stars. As the Star Constellation formed from more than three hundred stars condensed rapidly, his eyes changed, like they had turned to stone!


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They initially went into the stage to take Johnson away, yet not only did Johnson trick Ai Jiangtu and the assistant judges, he was able to take Jiang Yu out after he was left behind!

Heart Rate Monitor

Mo Fan, we'll lend you a hand, Zhao Manyan, Jiang Yu, and Jiang Shaoxu could not bear to just stand and watch. They immediately stepped forward.

Blood Pressure Manager

Stepping on the fiery bird's head, Mo Fan charged imperiously toward the Spanish team. As the long tail of the fiery bird spread apart, it further set off the overwhelming aura that the flame-shrouded, demonic Mo Fan was displaying!

Alarm Alert

However, Mo Fan did not cross the line by removing her panties, too.

Location Finder

Shut up, or I will cut your tongue off! Asha'ruiya snapped furiously. Pieces of black armor appeared and covered her body. Even her glamorous face was covered by a silver mask, while her hair was tied up in a ponytail, reaching her waist like a waterfall.


There are surely places that aren't explored yet in this space. If we leave now, the rest of the teams are going to earn more than us, Ayleen said.

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The rocks whipped out at the members of the Spanish team wildly. The Healer Palice quickly cast Water Curtain in front of the team to protect the remaining four members.



The Mu Clan was one of the top four renowned clans in China. After learning that Mu Nujiao had successfully advanced to the grand final, the clan invested a fortune in her, hoping that she could earn some reputation for the Mu Clan in the match.

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Aren't we doing the thing you mentioned first? Mo Fan asked.

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He initially thought he could amuse the people with his little joke, and they would proceed to send Zhao Manyan their regards, but the annoying old woman Zu Huiyin came up to him with Zu Jiming, who looked like he had just eaten a pile of dung. Both of them bowed to Mo Fan.

Readable in Sunlight

The joy brought by the victory of the Chinese team had spread from the north to the south like a contagious disease, yet Han Ji's announcement simply shocked the whole country like a ferocious tide!


They really had to thank China for weakening the Greek team for them.

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Speaking of which, do all Sound Mages have sharp ears? Mo Fan was suddenly intrigued by Tony's Sound Element.

Jack was about to cast the spell to withdraw the Scorpion-Tailed Beast back into his Contracted Space when a pair of murderous eyes suddenly appeared. The terrifying head of the wolf was right in front of him, so close that Jack totally forgot how to draw the Star Pattern.

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If that was the case, there was no way Mo Fan was going to let him down!

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Damn it! Reed was a destructive Mage. His defense was not particularly outstanding.

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In addition to that, many people also realized that Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue, who were already strong to begin with, had obtained lots of resources from the treasure hunt, meaning that the two would be even stronger in the upcoming finals!

They are still people, so try not to kill them, Lingling reminded them.

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    Crap, it's a Domain! Shou Watani's expression sank as he realized something.

    Why does Southwest only fly 737’s?

    Ayleen, just keep an eye on their Psychic attacks, leave the rest to me! Zorro said calmly, like the lull before a great storm!

    How are interest rates adjusted?

    How did Pang Lai even notice such a high-quality soul!? Mo Fan exclaimed.


    Mo Fan looked at the Psychic Mage and saw she was being targeted by sonic waves. She was struggling to keep a clear mind...


    As a matter of fact, the battlefield was the same as the wild. Even those that managed to get themselves a seat with the best vision were unlikely to be able to watch the match clearly.


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    A Stone of Will... is it valuable? Mo Fan asked.


    However, Mo Fan would never give up!

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