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    Either way, them not decorating all around the campus and celebrating because they were finally able to draw the students of Pearl Institute could still be considered being reserved!

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    A Soul Essence was worth three to give million RMB! How could it eat it like that, it was outrageous!


    A serene blue glow erupted from the pendant, turning into rays of light fired at the Xuanwu Giant Lizard's soul.

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    Don't be scared, I'm here. Mo Fan slowly pulled Mu Nujiao's soft body into his arms. He was trying to warm her terrified little heart with his masculine body warmth.

    This kind of investigation will take quite some time. Besides, the places we are investigating are extremely huge. We have already marked the spots on the map, unless we are splitting up...

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    His whole body was trembling. He did not even have the courage to look at Lu Nian's face.

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    Due to her Element, she was not really a fan of Fire, as it would make her uncomfortable.

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    The cleansing force was deadly against evil beasts. The Giant Poisonous Centipede was full of poison, so every single drop of its blood was terrified of the light arrows containing the cleansing force of the Sacred Chant...

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