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    On his left hand, there was a thirsty fire rising from his skin. As it ignited, it felt as though he had unlimited magical energy!.


    It’ll feel the same as a refugee; displaced, living under others. I’ll just stay here, you guys can go,” Mo Qing said with a depressed face..

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    Dean Xiao's words were like thunder as they reverberated within the minds of the students..

    However, Mo Fan was a man with an Innate Dual Element!…

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    Mo Fan was confused. Could it be that this matter had been noticed by the government, and they issued a bounty? There were Hunters coming here to take care of it?…

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    Mo Fan had seen Zhang Lulu before, she was the girlfriend of Xu Zhaoting. However, the current Zhang Lulu had already fainted. Originally, he wanted to ask her to keep the secret of his four Elements secret. However, it was clear that she already passed out by the time he had used the Fire Element.…

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    Little Song, it seems like the Dean Jiang Yunming is set to have the summoner,” Butler Li awkwardly told him.…

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    Her eyes began to bulge so much that they nearly popped out.…

  • 千赢游戏官方下载-最新首页

    However, his question fell onto deaf ears, as Dean Xiao only smiled without answering his question..

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    After Luo Song left, everyone was all confused..

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    His Lightning carried a power that shook even the air, it was an incredibly strong pressure. Originally, it was just some normal Lightning Strike, but it had turned into some heavy chain-like thing that crushed the Dark Beast's body, killing it just like that!.


    Fortunately, the battle royale had only been going on for a little while, and not everyone had started to go crazy. However, when it came to fighting, it was very easy for people to go out of control. The casualties would only increase!…


    Mo Fan glanced at Zhao Manyan and whispered, They're all red!…


    The waves of fire were spreading into the surroundings. Additionally, the collision of the forces combined into an increasingly ferocious destructive wave of fire as it rolled over.…