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    Ceylan paused for a long time. Mo Fan was thinking, and did not interrupt..

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    Mu Bai was also speechless after seeing that. How crazy was Mo Fan, to be chasing after a Super Mage? Couldn't he leave some dignity for the man?.

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    Apas had been sticking close to him for the past few days. She was constantly hiding in his arms, as if it was the only safe spot for her, even when she was sleeping..

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    Mm? It's pretty tough! Zhao Manyan was surprised when he failed to cut the vine in half..


    Was it from the Great Pyramid of Giza… judging from the angle and direction it was coming from, it was most likely from the Great Pyramid of Giza, but why would it suddenly emit such a shocking deathlight!?.

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    But the truth was, Apas was not a Medusa. She was just a weak little girl. Her body might be slightly stronger than ordinary girls since she had Awakened her first Element, but she was still completely helpless on her own!.


    The yell was so loud that it woke the others, especially Sayed. He had been listening to their conversation all along..

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    29 Sep 2084

    The door is open, look, the door is open again. It's just ahead of us! Shreev blurted out..

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    23 Sep 2084

    Mo Fan was vulnerable when he was under the Fleeing Shadow's effects. He quickly came out of the shadow, but immediately found himself in great danger. After all, there was no way he could defend himself when the enemy was coming from all directions!.

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    14 Sep 2084

    Is the entrance to the Underworld really open? General Ethan asked..

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    He might be spilling the beans about how brutal the truth was, yet it did not conceal his pride and arrogance as he treated the little girls' lives with contempt!.

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    17 Aug 2084

    The flames mainly consisted of Fire Bursts, supplemented by quite a number of Fiery Fists. The trajectory of the flames was obvious since it was nighttime, and their numbers were overwhelming..

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    12 Aug 2084

    Why do you sound like you are gloating over it? Sheryl said angrily..


  • Mo Fan's throat bulged. The Dark Substance around him suddenly turned into black chains wrapping around Apas..

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  • The Medusae did eat the girls, but the girls they fed upon were a lot less than the girls Gangma had eaten!.

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  • The Sunset Shrine had existed for a very long time. It was magnificent, yet extremely run-down. It had been a while since anyone set foot into it, mainly because many Hunters had died strange deaths before they could get close enough to the Sunset Shrine..

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