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    But in Mo Fan's eyes, the accusation that had befallen Xinxia was ten times scarier than going against the Black Vatican!.


    Even though the Specter Priest did not have a body, a force with enough strength could still shatter it!.

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    Tong Zhuang was a Curse Mage. He was already setting up traps using the Curse Element in their surroundings. The crimson red spiderwebs soon covered the entrance of the valley. A few Aquamarine Armor Scorpion Leopards leading the way stumbled into the traps and died in an instant!.

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    It was not only replenishing his energy. His wounds were recovering too, including his broken organs and bones. Mo Fan had no idea what magic Asha'ruiya was using, but he clearly felt himself recovering at an insane rate..


    Why don't we ask Mu Nujiao? Lingling suggested..






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    Unfortunately, Mo Fan did not take a close look in the morning. Otherwise, he would know what that thing was!.

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    Asha'ruiya's expression turned cold. Her eyes flickered icily..

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    Mo Fan looked at the female lieutenant, Huang Yi, and said, Since you're a woman, I'll grant you a gentler death..

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    She was right; if she really was a demon creature, she did not need a reason to kill and eat humans. It was part of her nature, just like how humans ate meat..

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    She arrived at a spot where everyone could see her, before pointing at Magistrate Leonard..

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    Pang Lai decided to give up on his attempt after assessing the situation, but Mo Fan was even more determined than he was. He was not going to give up until he met Xinxia in person. He was going to lose his cultivation!.

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    Mo Fan's body began to shake uncontrollably from his serious injuries. He lifted his gaze and gazed at the imperious Tyrant Titan. His heart was instantly set aflame by an unyielding spirit!.


    However, the courageous man did not dare show his temper. He stood with his head lowered. He did not dare to snap back at the seemingly ordinary young man who was scolding him..


    Xinxia's brain was hurting slightly, The pain had been around for quite a long time. She had no idea why her body was so weak, even when she was already a Mage. It was like she was unable to use the strength of her body, like she had just woken up from a deep slumber..

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  • 千赢游戏官方下载-最新首页

    \Hopefully the hidden power in your body is a lot stronger than I've imagined, as you are going to take on armed forces that can conquer half of the world!\ Asha'ruiya had a faint smile, as if she was bidding him farewell..

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    Since Old Bao had already known the outcome, he was most likely going to do the same thing as Zhu Meng, Han Ji, and Pang Lai..

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