Pang Lai, why are you so familiar with it? Did you try going to the top before? Feng Li inquired.



Let's not worry about the evidence for now. Xinxia has grown up together with me, how could she possibly manage the members as Salan? Besides, aren't you familiar with Xinxia's personality, she's the least possible person to be Salan, Mo Fan said.

Her plan would have been absolutely perfect, if not for Mo Fan and the Black Totem Snake!

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The Lightning Punishment Formation not only contained destructive power, it was a strong Sealing magic, too. The lightning trapped its target, and even a Ruler-level creature would struggle to break free from it!

Development Planning

The demon locust seemed like it was unwilling to part ways with Mo Fan. He had no choice but to give the little creature another piece of jerky.

Execution & Evaluation

The long dress was dragged across the floor. Mo Fan carried Xinxia down the stairs and headed for the exit.


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The Spell of Resurrection was just too important in this world, which was always in danger.

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    The desert full of unknown dangers was a lot scarier than the team had thought. They had encountered so many different kinds of problems when they had just set foot into the desert. It felt like the whole team was going to be wiped out if they were being too careless.

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    \Old Pang, why do I feel like that Bronze Beast is a bit too weak?\ Zhu Meng murmured doubtfully, looking at the Bronze Beast's remains.

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    An awesome online marketing plan won't save your bad product but paired with a good product, the sky is the limit for what can be achieved.


    Just ask her, I stumbled into her recently. She did ask me if there's any quest. It seems she has reached a bottleneck after cultivating in seclusion for too long. She needs practical experience to improve further, Lingling informed him. Services sWho else would it be? Advisor Shao answered.

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  • Dust-like pollen sprinkled down in the air. It had a unique fragrance. The pollen carried by the wind entered Bai Hongfei's nose. He was overwhelmed by strong drowsiness.

    The man's eyes were saying otherwise while he was speaking. Jiang Shaoxu easily read his emotions.

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    The Tyrant Titan immediately chased after it. It had locked onto Mo Fan's position, and was determined to smash the little insect!

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    \Salan is nothing but a buffoon. The people of the Black Vatican have infiltrated the Parthenon Temple under your watch. It seems like it's time for you to retire, too!\ Izisha stated.

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    Don't panic, our Psychic Impacts are quicker! the elder Psychic Mage said.


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    The woman had suffered great losses, but once she recovered her influence, she was obviously going to pick on him first.

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    \I don't understand, why would you go so far and use the Dark Execution? Is it because you feel better when you use it on Wen Tai's daughter?\ Asha'ruiya asked.

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