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    However, it was just how the path of cultivation was. Mo Fan immediately felt great anticipation when he saw Ai Jiangtu able to stop the opponents' attacks with a single wave. How cool would it be when he reached Ai Jiangtu's level?!

    The faces of the trio began to contort. Wasn't this guy a bit too reckless, taking on the three of them on his own?


    Zorro was infuriated when he saw the Sky Lightning Claw landing on him once again!

    Magni Dolores

    The others knew what the woman was trying to say, since the formation of the Chinese team did not seem to be strong at first glance.

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    With this Summoned Beast...and the rare Flame Belle, Mo Fan's two Summoned Beasts could easily take on an average national team!

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    The silver glow grew stronger as it clashed with the poisonous stinger...

    As she expected, someone came into the room, and it was none other than the hero that the whole country was cheering for.

    Neque saepe temporibus repellat ea ipsum et. Id vel et quia tempora facere reprehenderit.

    Pang Lai was the Royal Guard's chief, meaning that it was a great honor for anyone to listen to his teaching. However, even a Councilman would have trouble asking Pang Lai to go to a marketplace and let him choose a suitable soul on their behalf.

    His voice echoed across the mountain. The dull thud of the lightning far above was the only response Mo Fan could hear.

    It was very easy for people to be disqualified in a mixed battle, since they might be at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, or a little mistake might provoke members of the other two teams to flank them...


    A dark glow flickered as the dark sword swiped past Mu Ningxue's back. The strong dark energy spread rapidly into Mu Ningxue's body through the cut and reached her heart and mind.

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    Zhang Xiaohou's cultivation had significantly improved. He was a few thousand meters away a few seconds ago, but he was already right in front of them. He said with a hint of joy, Lingling, I've checked the places that you told me to!

    Dolor Sitema

    Their evil presence is stronger, most likely because of the evil residing in their hearts, Xinxia said.

    Sed ut perspiciatis

    Something is moving! Ayleen said as she saw something.

    Magni Dolores

    Even though there were no age restrictions on the Candidates of the Hall of the Goddess, the woman was simply too young, she looked like the student of a Magic Institution.

    Nemo Enim

    Mu Ningxue tossed Akira Matsuki to the boundary of the barrier. Akira Matsuki landed on the ground. His body had turned purple because of the freeze.

    Eiusmod Tempor

    The Greek team had promised to take the lead in the battle, so the other three members proceeded to face their targets after Asha'ruiya made the first move.

    Why choose us?

    Those rocks won't hold the creature for long, let's go, Mo Fan clutched his bloody hand and led the way.


    The Swift Star Wolf suddenly let out a cry, and was filled with fear and the urge to give up.

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    Voluptates dolores

    Ningxue has been quite outstanding! Xinxia exclaimed. Even though she was not in Venice, she did watch the replay.

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    The fiery snake scorched the whole area. The formation of the Chinese team collapsed entirely as the members were forced to back away from the wild flames.

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    What did you mean I didn't do anything... Mo Fan was about to explain himself when his attention was caught by a lightning orb.

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