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    It's fine, I'll just smack them dead. Seriously, they dare suck my blood, aren't they scared of mutating?! Mo Fan's sleepwear resembled those that were usually worn by mentally-disordered patients. He lunged forward, chasing after a mosquito that had drank his blood..

    She was in the same condition as Zhao Manyan, her body temperature had fallen..

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    He initially thought his body was already cleared of the demon blood, but it turned out that it had been hiding in his body, waiting for the day to return when he could finally Awaken new Elements!.


    The creature is injured, so it's unlikely that it will be following us. The problem is, how can we guarantee that it's going to come after us? wondered Ai Jiangtu..

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    The truth was, he did manage to secure the spot through the financial support of his Zhao Family. The five advisors were clearly aware of it, too. In terms of strength and talents, Zhao Manyan was still a fair distance away from the others who were selected through the standard procedure..

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    Unlike Gong Yu's cautious approach, Mo Fan boldly walked up to Mu Ningxue and put his hand around her slim waist when she was entirely focused on channeling the Spell, to declare his ownership to Gong Yu!.

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    The Dark Abyss was terrifying, yet how scary was it compared to Salan's heart?.

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