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Ben Resume HTML Template is brought to you by Tooplate website. Mo Fan was aware that his Summoning Element was actually quite useless, apart from the incredibly strong Little Flame Belle. It was time to improve his Summoning Element....

Mo Fan was quite familiar with those noises. It was the same for every battle: the magic blasts, the energy explosions, the roars of demon creatures, and the cries of agony from the wounded....

  • Full Name : Ben Wilson
  • Date of Birth: 26 September 1999
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    Mu Bai's control of the Ice Magic was very impressive. The ice only severed the limbs of the Wind Mages, without endangering their lives. He could have killed these low-level soldiers with ease!.

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    On second thought, if Brianca was tagging along, the trip would not be as terrible as she imagined. If these jerks teamed up to bully her, Brianca could eliminate them all by moving the tip of her finger!.

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    Baxia's Seal: Plummeting Rays: Light Scale Armor!.

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    Brianca quickly realized the situation after hearing Mo Fan's words. She was not as knowledgeable as Mo Fan when it came to dealing with demon creatures..

    Zoey had never wanted to fight Mo Fan. She had a very good impression of him along the journey, but when she witnessed the terrifying strength that was capable of crushing a Super Mage and his enraged appearance, she finally realized that he had only displayed his gentle side to them!.

    Her face was quite pale. She did not even pay attention to what she was wearing when she saw Mo Fan..

    Everyone stared at Vani in shock. Vani shook his head and picked up the broken pieces of the cup..

    The group immediately retreated to the entrance. They did not want to fight this Ruler-level creature, nor did they want to end their lives. It seemed like going back to the previous chamber was the only choice they had!.

    Scared my ass, I have seen lots of things that are scarier than her. I was wondering who the culprit was. Why hasn't she made a move in the past few days? Mo Fan replied..

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