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    The wolves crossed paths with flickering claws. The power of the Soul Shadow was transformed into sharp weapons, piercing through the Giant Lizards with ease.

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    From the reflection of a puddle ahead, the shadow of something like a rapier swept pass silently.

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    Oh my God, this big-booty woman is an Advanced Magician!

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    As the Swift Star Wolf leapt into the air, Mo Fan was able to tell from his outstanding physics calculation that the Swift Star Wolf was most likely going to slam into the side of the building ahead.

    Mo Fan eyes were wide. He still could not believe the power that the arrow had unleashed!

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    So that's what you are thinking of, humph! Tangyue harrumphed.

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    The scarlet jungle had already engulfed Shen Mingxiao and his people. No one knew just what kind of situation was unfolding inside it.

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    The Giant Poisonous Centipede uttered a furious roar. It tried to spray the liquid onto the Xuanwu Giant Lizard!

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