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    Xinxia was totally unaware that she had been set up by Mo Fan. Her mind was still occupied with the battle they were involved in not long ago..


    On the destroyed battlefield, Asha'ruiya was still standing firmly in her black armor. She had taken off the silver mask, revealing her stern face. It was nothing like the alluring expression she usually had..

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    Jiang Yu whispered to Mo Fan, My master spent lots of time at the marketplace when he's young, and even earned a fortune there. Everyone used to call him the Golden Eyes!.

    The Flying Creek Snow Wolf did not try to dodge the attack. He uttered a furious howl as he faced the creature falling from the air!…

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    Training hard means you should be eating more. Look at me, my physique and my muscles are energetic, and are able to provide you with a sense of security, Mo Fan carried Xinxia and placed her on his leg to display his strength.…

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    Their armor broke into pieces. They tried desperately to cast defensive spells, yet the pain as each lightning strike whipped them was excruciating!…

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    A huge uproar rose in the stadium. It was always exhilarating to watch such an awesome magic battle!…

  • 千赢游戏官方下载-最新首页

    Mo Fan did not try to run away even when he saw the man placing the Sky-Flame Funeral on his fist. He gathered all the flames around him into his wrist, too!.

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    (Cough cough), this Mo Fan is a self-made genius, so he might come up with some mischievous ideas at times, please don't... Feng Li had always been confident in front of the authorities, but he had lost half his confidence because of Mo Fan. He tried to explain the situation in a soft voice..

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    No one could possibly tell what would happen when the two most aggressive Elements were accumulated in a tiny space!.


    Not only was Xinxia shocked by her words, a few other women who were just promoted as official servants were astounded too!…


    The feathers spread ahead of his feet like a fiery bird extending its wings, preparing to soar into the sky.…


    -What on Earth, are the people of the Parthenon Temple insane? Couldn't they tell Xinxia is impaired? Why do they have to keep sending her out to some dangerous place?-…