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    If the Blood Tribe was able to shed tears, with her excited reaction, they would surely be found on her pale-white face..

    Yao Nan would be a great weather forecaster if he stopped being a Magician. A cold rain started pouring down over the vast corpse-covered land not long after..

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    Save him, quick! screamed Mu Bai in a panic..


    Zhang Xiaohou stood beside Su Xiaoluo who was half-kneeling in the mud in the middle of the rain. He raised his head, staring into the sky with a blank face....

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    Ding Yumian was a madwoman when it came to duels. As the Fiery Fist that was twice its usual size slammed into the ground, the faint brown flames produced by the nine Fire Pillars covered the entire area!.

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    Oh heavens! one of the young men screamed. Hong Jun turned around and saw countless pairs of bloodshot eyes staring at them!.

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    The Star Pattern almost crumbled while the fifth Orbit was being constructed. However, the help from the Focus necklace managed to pull the Stars back in time. The fifth Orbit was finally completed, and the sixth Orbit started to form..

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