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    Tsk tsk tsk, such a pity! Bei Jiang exclaimed when he saw a Space Mage save the boy that had fallen off the tower..


    Well… Little Flame Belle is still hibernating, so my Fire Element isn't as strong now, Mo Fan said softly..

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    Bai Hongfei waved and left the Pearl Institute with his belongings..

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    Being strong enough was not the key to solving the problem. More importantly, they had to find a way to locate the Hillmen hiding in the sea of grass!.


    Rock Dragon Vein! someone shouted behind Mo Fan. A huge boulder, like the spine of a dragon, swept past above Mo Fan as he found himself in a pinch. Its enormous body covered the space above Mo Fan, blocking the Devil Tree Spikes slamming down on an area with a radius of over a thousand meters!.






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    So you're telling me that you're the one who was spreading the news about the Giant Purple Lindens? Mo Fan asked the stubborn Tong Shang..

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    That's good to know..

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    The Shepherd uttered a strange chant that drove the Black Goat General mad. It slammed its hammers onto its chest. Every strike produced a ripple of black energy, and the creature began to grow!.

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    Mo Fan nodded. He was about to ask Lingling for the name of Jiang Shaojun's colleague when his phone started ringing..

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    Hang on, Mo Fan stopped Yu Shishi..

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    If respect, worship, and loyalty from humans give the deities the strength of faith, what about the detest, hatred, and disgust from humans toward the devils? Will they give the devils power, too? the young man said..

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    Bei Jiang slowly faded into the darkness behind him. A face with an eerie grin slowly appeared in the darkness. Its outline turned from blurry to solid. It was impossible to tell if it was real. It was staring down at the minuscule Mo Fan!.


    The damage of the flame sword had nothing to do with its sharpness. It was purely abusing the explosive energy when the flames were compressed together. It immediately unleashed its destructive force when it landed on the Dreadful Curse Cerberus..


    It's the Hand of Silent Thunder, a very special magical device. It's not necessarily a defensive magic Equipment, since it's not going to nullify or weaken attacks for you, Dean Xiao told him..

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  • 千赢游戏官方下载-最新首页

    Fresh blood was splattered across the place before the blood that was shed in the previous battle had even dried up. The area under the Giant Purple Sacred Linden was dyed red once again....

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    Mo Fan could tell that Mu Ningxue was serious. He quickly put the ring on his finger and told Mu Ningxue not to worry about him..

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