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Ben Resume HTML Template is brought to you by Tooplate website. Sounds great, where are we going first? Zhao Manyan's eyes glittered after hearing Mo Fan's plan..

Brother Tang Zhong, I didn't think it would end up like this. I was blinded by my greed, Ke Lingxi let out a heavy sigh..

  • Full Name : Ben Wilson
  • Date of Birth: 26 September 1999
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    Nanrong Xi looked at the people of the other renowned clans that had gathered along the shore on Gulangyu. He already knew that what they were doing had crossed the line; it was unlikely they could get it done now that Mo Fan had shown up!.

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    No wonder the Rainbow-Tailed Demon Sparrows were helping us to fight the Hillmen; it turns out that we already helped one another thirty years ago, Chen Yi said..

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    The students were dumbfounded. A Warrior-level creature was already extremely terrifying to them. They never thought they would attract the attention of a Commander-level creature when they just wanted to get some water!.

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    The what now? the ignorant Mo Fan said..

    A cold dagger slammed onto the ground and left a hole in the plaza. Its cold aura spread into the surroundings..

    You don't want to know. Let's leave this place first, Mo Fan found it hard to explain the situation to them. They had to find a way to escape the demon creatures for now..

    An Elder of the Magic Court had almost died just because she had learned the whereabouts of a Red Cardinal. What kind of outstanding capabilities did these Red Cardinals of the Black Vatican have, to be able to murder strong Mages like them so easily?.

    Can you really do that? Mu Zhuoyun found it hard to believe..

    It was only part of the Giant Purple Sacred Linden's hideous appearance that it had concealed underground. When Yan Shi destroyed another trunk with her spells, it revealed a face between the leaves and the branches!.

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