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    Cold rays of light followed her claws like swords. The fierce claws were like a number of sharp blades hacking down from the air. Even the rose flames that Mo Fan tossed out seemed to be cut apart by those claws!


    A person that even Dean Xiao recognized to a certain extent, could it be that this great monster really did conceal even more power?

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    There were relatively few numbers of Summoning Element users. The biggest question for them was whether they would or would not accept this student.

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    Mo Fan smiled slightly as he said to Xinxia, Don’t worry, we won’t encounter any Magical Beasts.”

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    After she saw Mo Fan, Ai Tutu began to make noises like a nightingale. She immediately ran over as she intimately grabbed onto Mo Fan's arm.

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    Dark transparent threads tangled around the four Dongfang men. Their faces seemed lifeless, as if their souls was being drained away bit by bit by some sort of evil matter.

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    A heavy odor similar to excrement drifted by, instantly ruining the beautiful scenery. This was followed by numbers of black figures coming out of the river, one by one. The odor came precisely from these figures.

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    Mo Fan was completely excited and about to retract his hands when suddenly a new sensation was transmitted from the Awakening Stone like lightning, hitting him so fast he didn’t have time to react.

  • 千赢游戏官方下载-最新首页

    However, the young men from other Elements were now in a bad spot.

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    Xinxia looked at Mo Fan in confusion.

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    On the green stone walls were a few wooden doors of the old style. Suddenly, one of the doors slowly opened, followed by a stinky creature crawling along on four limbs quickly charging in. It seemed to be carrying a living person, as well.

    Varius blandit purus

    If he used common sense, then the other party would Awaken one more Element when they reached the Intermediate level. He should only have three Elements!