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    Nanyu giggled when she saw Mo Fan's reaction..


    You asshole, how could you place Mu Ningxue in danger? You're the reason all of this is happening! Gong Yu went into a frenzy when he heard Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue's plan..

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    Little Flame Belle was crying. Pieces of fire crystals were falling down..

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    Japan had always had lots of talents. In terms of strength, they were ranked close to the top in the world. Every country that came to challenge their West Guardian Tower was utterly respectful and polite. They would even keep their voices down when they were talking..


    However, Mochizuki Chihaya did not move. She did not draw the Star Orbits, as if she was purposely letting Mo Fan attack first. She simply stood there and watched Mo Fan closely with a proud expression on her face..






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    Mochizuki Ken, the Japanese commander, and Fujikata Tegami seemed slightly surprised. In the end, Mochizuki Ken smiled and said, Mo Fan, I suggest you choose someone else..

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    Mo Fan had rarely seen a Poison Magician. His grim face barely showed any emotion when he saw Su Xiaoluo getting rid of the troublesome poison with ease!.

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    Mo Fan sat there and quietly watched Mu Ningxue..

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    Little Flame Belle immediately told Mo Fan that it had discovered the creature that kidnapped the child. It was very close to the reefs..

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    The burning feathers seemed to have their own consciousness. They rapidly sprang at the Scarlet Rending Demon, which was reeling from the blow. Each feather contained an overwhelming amount of energy, which exploded as soon as it made contact with the Scarlet Rending Demon....

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    Mo Fan's hands were trembling, not because of fear, but because he had reached his limit. His muscles were twitching and cramping from fatigue..

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    Normally, Mo Fan would not simply reveal his perverted nature and temperament. His smile was rather friendly too. The girl had a good impression of him when he saw him smiling back at her. She immediately apologized, I'm sorry, I didn't notice you here..


    Fresh blood poured out from the wound. Zhan Kong was totally willing to harm himself to threaten the battle robe, and so managed to control the situation. The demon that was draining his soul finally halted..


    The herb garden looked quite ordinary, with a short fence surrounding it. There were a few white sheds nurturing a few plants that were not suitable for planting outside due to the moisture in the air..

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    The calm sea continued to undulate with occasional huge waves splashing on the tiny reefs island like a gigantic beast with its mouth wide open..

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