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    Mmm, when are we setting out? Mu Nujiao asked.

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    The Tyrant Titan immediately chased after it. It had locked onto Mo Fan's position, and was determined to smash the little insect!


    Little Flame Belle summoned the burning feathers again to propel Mo Fan forward.

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    The Silver Moon Tyrant Titan was soon covered in thick layers of bats. The whole place was filled with their screeches.

    Sure, but it will take some time, Jiang Shaoxu said.

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    Jiang Yu, Summon your beasts, we have to take this batch out first, Mo Fan said.

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    We haven't graduated! Mu Nujiao emphasized, just in case the man was so full of himself that he had completely forgotten that he was still a student.

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    Zheng Tong was completely worn out from the fight, yet Mo Fan looked as if he had just taken a stroll in the park. He had resolved the danger with his destructive Lightning, and did not even need to use his other Elements.

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