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    Crap, crap! With the Deacon caught, how could he, a tiny Priest, possibly escape from the heavenly network of the Magic Court?.

    The man who scared away the Shadow Beast was still watching his surroundings. He was the only one who clearly saw those ghastly creatures' faces. Although the creatures disappeared in a flash, he did confirm that he saw them..

  • 千赢游戏官方下载-最新首页

    When Mo Fan was pondering about how he could use the Little Loach Pendant to earn big money in the future, he accidentally discovered an even bigger problem!.


    Pearl Institute was, after all, the number one University in Shanghai, whereas the Imperial College was the number one University in the Imperial City..

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    I want to have some time alone, sorry. Xinxia raised her head. There was no other emotion in her clear eyes apart from the calm..

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    Strange, where is he? In the dark maze, Luo Song thought he had trapped Mo Fan with the Ice Shackles. Who would've known that after he ran upstairs, he couldn't even see the shadow of Mo Fan..

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    If the life energy was depleted, the Totem Beast would be forced to come out from the orb. Otherwise, it would suffocate inside it..

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