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    However, its outline gradually became clearer. The old herdsman realized he was looking at a structure the size of a hill. The stairs leading up to the narrow top were made of golden stones. Each golden stone was perfectly cut, with sharp edges!


    Yu Shishi found herself a resting spot. She glanced down at Yueyang Land from the mountain and discovered that the town was starting to take shape. She believed she would be seeing rows of spectacular buildings in no time...

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    We left quite a number of men behind, yet they still lost so quickly. Does that mean...

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    The fiery sword stood firmly. Mo Fan was on top of it, engulfed in a different brown fire. As soon as he touched the fiery sword, its flames grew even stronger, knocking Ke Lingxi and the others back even further.

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    Pan Xi was using a life-threatening Curse Spell. He was trying to take away her soul, instead of inflicting permanent damage. It would turn her into an empty shell, like Wang Xiaojun. A cruel spell like that was completely forbidden by the Magic Association!

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    Dean Xiao nodded. He brought Mo Fan to the section where the defensive Equipment was placed. As a matter of fact, there were not many pieces of magic Equipment. Each magic Equipment had its own display, with a long description of its lore.

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    As soon as Mo Fan was done with his attacks, the shadows moved closer. Some were holding daggers, some were clutching their hands like claws, some were holding their bare fists. Mo Fan's attacks were completely useless against them, yet their powerful attacks had left many bruises and wounds on him.

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    The giant white wolves lost their calm when they saw the Flying Creek Snow Wolf suffering serious injuries. These loyal creatures pounced at the Four-Lives Salamander Tiger recklessly, just to inflict more wounds on it.

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    Look at the mess; how can we possibly tell who is who?

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    I think so. The demon creatures have always been unfriendly to the Totem Beasts. However, the Totem Beasts were born for battle, yet their natural enemies weren't the demon creatures... Professor Shi said. He did not continue.

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    Strange, why didn't my moths notice any intruders? Yu Shishi asked in confusion.

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    Colorful lights resembling different Elements from both sides clashed with one another, followed by a fierce wind, rolling waves, and shifting terrains. The force produced by the collisions continuously swept in all directions.

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    Perhaps Yu Shishi was struggling to believe that Mo Fan was willing to let her go so easily. She was observing him closely, to see if he was trying to trick her.

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    The Battlemages soon found the remains of a few Hunters close to the spot where the Hillman was hiding. Most of the corpses were no longer intact.

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    You've done a great job! Mo Fan glared at the Bronze-Fang Hillman. He could finally get his revenge. He swore he would make the creature feel the pain this time!

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    Mo Fan had never heard of anything like it. Even a Super Mage like Feng Zhoulong was dumbfounded. The Hall of Assassins had managed to kill an Elder of the Enforcement Union while she was under their protection!