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    Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue nodded too. It was a brilliant plan! If the Black Sea Drake tried to go back into the water, it would have to suffer the strong electric current, meaning it would either die or suffer serious injuries!.


    Little Flame Belle was still complaining about the eyes she saw. Mo Fan was quite worried now. If Little Flame Belle actually saw the eyes, he could not help but wonder what the eyes in the storm were from....

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    Let's go take a look, Jiang Shaoxu said worriedly..

    -What kind of terrifying existence did they encounter that they had to flee for their lives?-…

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    The fire continued to grow while burning the birds, yet Mo Fan did not receive a single Soul Remnant. The only loot he found was a piece or two of bright-colored, colorful crests.…

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    Go inside a pyramid? The old Mage, Mudin shook his head with a deathly smile. He glanced in General Fenna's direction and said, The general seems to have entered a huge pyramid with a few amazing Mages. The general didn't mention much about what was inside, she only described it as the Underworld!…

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    Why are you looking for him? the person-in-charge asked with a confused face.…

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    Don't tell me the maggot went to disturb those Lightning Explosion Cuttlefish? Bobby moaned..

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    The Caribbean Sea is right beside us. I wonder if there are pirates here? asked Jiang Yu, displaying eighth-grader syndrome..

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    Dense fireballs started pouring down from the burning cloud rapidly, turning the shallow reef into a scorching sea of flames..


    However, no one knew exactly where the Drowning Curse came from!…


    More terrifyingly, as soon as the Chinese soldiers were withdrawn, the mines were immediately attacked. The biggest mine in their country, Ariel Mines, was overrun by monster apes. Thousands of people were trapped in the mines!…


    Fenna was enraged when she saw her men dying rapidly to the Dark Swordmaster. Every slash it executed would result in blood splattering across the place. How could their army possibly stand a chance if they continued to be massacred at this rate?…