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    The mysterious man shook his head, but he did not respond..


    The captain of the Imperial Magicians was absent. He had to hold his position, as the Nether Bone Ruler was already launching an assault on the golden barrier..

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    Even though her face and body were quite attractive, Mo Fan seriously could not stand her pride. She totally lacked the gentleness, caring, kindness, and elegance that a classic Japanese woman had..

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    The claw dragged Nara Orisora toward the ground with great strength..

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    Mo Fan could not read Japanese, but some of the letters were the same as Chinese letters. He could clearly tell that Miyata was carving the young monk's name!.


    Can't you see the two demons? said Mo Fan to Ai Jiangtu..

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    (cough cough)...I suggest you stop guessing our identities. Either way, can you give us a spacious area, it would be best if it's along the shore, with enough space to construct a magic barrier. We'll eliminate the threat for you, you just need to keep your promise! said Ai Jiangtu..


    By combining the Curse Element and the Psychic Element, it's possible to convince a target to believe that a nightmare is real and torture the target to death using it, said Ai Jiangtu..

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    The Magicians tried to calm the crowd, yet their voices were no match for the fear implanted in the hearts of the people by the zombies. The inner city was in total chaos!.

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    What just happened? What kind of monster is that?.


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