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    At the same time, the door was shoved open. An old man with a scarred face walked out. He glanced at Mo Fan and Jiang Yu briefly before leaving the place.

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    We should just ask the English team to keep targeting the Chinese team while we are recovering, Karolina, a member of the Greek team, proposed.

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    Mo Fan raised his head and watched the enormous lightning claw coming down at him. However, there was no sign of fear on his face, but an ambitious, wild grin...

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    As she listened to the thoughts of the patients, she began to recall some faint memories in her mind.

    Mo Fan did not dare to support Mu Ningxue, even though he could tell that she was desperately trying to hold herself together.

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    The two women simply had the urge to slap themselves in the face. They had tried to crush Mu Ningxue by taking away her Ice Crystal Bow, but now, she had been totally reborn, and her Ice Magic was stronger than ever!

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    Brilliant Light: Disperse!

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    That guy would only react like that because he is extremely confident in his own strength!

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