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Jenny was a Hunter. Her squad consisted of seven people, each with some injuries. The poison was spreading, too. It was going to be a tough fight between them and the black scorpion, but Mo Fan had shown up in time to rescue them from the pinch.


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Not at all, it's very beautiful. I am utterly grateful to Amelia. I think I know how I should handle the Casas now. Headmistress Perry's heart had finally calmed down.

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We can skip them? Mo Fan's eyes glittered.

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The creature inside the armor cried out in pain. It did not expect it to suffer serious injuries when it was going up against a bunch of insignificant human Mages!

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You should really visit the Parthenon Temple. It's really stupid seeing you walking around with just one arm, especially since you don't have a huge condor following you, Zhao Manyan said.

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It took him great effort to break free from the spear while enduring the immense pain. The muscles on his face twitched constantly. His eyes emitted an eerie, dark-blue glow as his pupils enlarged strangely.


A fight has broken out, Shreev exclaimed after he heard some noise in the distance.

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Mo Fan fell into deep thought, too. How was the man eaten alive if he was in the city? Were the Eyes of Vengeance of the female Medusae really that terrifying?



But you told us we just need to go through twenty-four chambers to reach the exit, and now you're telling us it's thirty-six… I feel like we are all going to die of fatigue at this rate! Zhao Manyan said.

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He doesn't look that much older than us. How is he a Super Mage already? Mu Bai was stunned too.

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I'm not with them. Major General Gangma, just let us go, we won't say a word, and we have nothing to do with them, either. We won't care what you do to them, so please let my students go, Mentor Vani repeated.

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In front of them was a huge wall with an arc-shaped entrance, leading them to a spacious hall lit up with flames. They could even see an engraved altar in there.


Keep going! More are coming from behind! Mu Bai blurted out.

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The passage was quite long this time. It took them about half an hour to reach the next chamber.

Don't be scared, you will see how they are going to die! Mo Fan turned around. His brow furrowed as purple lightning flickered in his eyes.

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Quick, keep up with us! Mo Fan told the others.

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Prince Beny hated Mo Fan's guts. He was on the verge of losing his temper when he heard Mo Fan's words.

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Mo Fan, Miss Ceylan has seriously considered it. Can't you do her a favor? Professor Li added.

Mu Bai immediately turned away from him.

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    Our attacks can at most leave a few scratches on the Ruler-level creature. It doesn't matter how many times we attack it! Meos said.

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    There were young Super Mages, too. Herr Casa and Mentor Vani were extremely young Super Mages. They had lots of room for improvement after reaching the Super Level. Meanwhile, it was now difficult for Mo Fan and the others to improve without breaking through to the Super Level!

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    The shadow left Mo Fan's body and floated in a certain direction like a phantom. Heidi quickly followed the pitch-black shadow.


    Zhao Manyan swung the saber again. This time, he had expended more energy to increase the damage of the blade.


    Mo Fan was startled.


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    Chad could accept it if his Contracted Beast had died right away, but when he saw the Contracted Beast that he used to fight side-by-side with being tortured by the Black Medusae, he completely lost his mind!


    As soon as Mo Fan mentioned the name, it clearly showed that he knew about the incident. The Alps Institute had also heard about how Philip had betrayed the Sacred Hall of Liberty and was caught in New York.

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