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The demon forming behind Philip emitted an eerie red glow as it grabbed onto Philip's throat with both hands!


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Following the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, the group of six headed for Egypt to regroup with the others.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Maggot Drake had a long fish's tail, with sharp scales that could spread out like a fan.

Blood Pressure Manager

You still have other Summoned Beasts? HAHAHA, I'm going to die from laughing too much, does anyone have a ball of wool? Quick, toss it at her so she can play around with it! Fred burst out laughing.

Alarm Alert

{TL Note: Swords pointing downward (xia jian) has the same pronunciation as a term (下贱) that is used to scold people cheap/lowly.}

Location Finder

It feels like their morale has dropped, I'll try spreading fear among them, Jiang Shaoxu immediately poured oil onto a fire when she saw Jiang Shaoxu's Summoning Spell working like a charm.


We keep on talking how strong the guy with the Space Element is, since he's able to take on Captain Roberts on his own, but didn't you notice that guy who's being flanked by Lucky Wang and Fred? His teammates aren't bothering to help him, the man with sunglasses observed, analyzing the situation.

Camera and Bluetooth

I'm not too sure about pirates in the Caribbean Sea, but there is indeed an infamous pirate crew along this coastline. The harm they have done to the countries here is second only to the Black Vatican, Nanyu informed them.



He rose to his feet and slowly withdrew the black aura surrounding him. The area slowly turned bright, like everywhere else.

Camera Available

The continuous explosions of the burning fists and dragons crashing into the Dark Dueling Ground ended up creating a huge burning pit, as if a large meteorite had landed!

Eco Friendly

Bloody, steaming rain poured down across the place as scorched hunks of meat scattered on the ground. The seemingly-fierce Snake Lizard Monster was blasted into pieces by a single punch!

Readable in Sunlight

At his order, the soldiers immediately spread out and surrounded Mo Fan.


Little Flame Belle is resting, she can't fight now, Mo Fan replied calmly.

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Hehe, then it must have decided to turn into a Sea Monkey… alright, I guess that wasn't a great joke, Mo Fan said with a hint of self-mockery.

That guy thinks he's the hunter that's hiding in the dark to take my life, but I'm going to tell him who's the real Hunter! Mo Fan swore coldly.

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The battle went from being orderly to a complete mess. Surrounded by the undead, the humans could no longer tell where the pyramid was. Many squads totally lost their way, and could only fight the undead instinctively.

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Follow behind me! Nanyu realized time was of the essence. She ordered the others behind her without caring if the magic ward had been cracked open.

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With a loud roar, the surface of the water started heaving. The Black Sea Drake had also reached the surface. It was also forced to escape to the land after being tortured by the merciless lighting field.

Your country has failed to keep the demon creatures at bay. Why do we have to be responsible for it? said Nanyu angrily.

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    It was true that Mo Fan was a Hunter Master, but he still had to ask the experienced and knowledgeable Lingling for help most of the time.

    Why does Southwest only fly 737’s?

    When her pink lips curled up, it would leave a faint curve on her cheeks, resulting in a tremendous change to her temperament. She no longer looked dull like a statue, but brimming with wisdom and elegance, and the youthful charm of a young woman!

    How are interest rates adjusted?

    Such a strong and pure Fire energy... what exactly is going on there? asked Ariosto in shock.


    Xue Xue, please be careful; if it's too dangerous, just run away, Mo Fan specifically reminded Mu Ningxue.


    The fiery dragon erupted inside the throat of the Snake Lizard Monster and set everything above its body aflame.


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    Support@example.com Fax: (099) 453-1357


    Do you want to live? Then hurry up and find this guy! snarled Mo Fan impatiently.


    He quickly fled the zone, but the area of the dancing ice blades was still growing while they were chasing after him...

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