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    Huang Xingli nodded. There was a saying that those who were handsome would have better luck, too. It turned out that the saying was true!.


    Either way, Mo Fan did agree that something was fishy about the whole incident. If there was more to the plague than what they were seeing on the surface, he was determined to unveil it..

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    Li Junnan was utterly confused, and muttered under his breath, That's just the color of the skin. A mark is a mark....

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    Just as the group was about to move, a blinding fireball swept past above them..

    Magni Dolores

    First, their bodies contain a kind of Diseased Blood, which is very similar to Mutated Blood. It's impossible to tell the difference without a detailed dissection. Therefore, recalling the series of events that have taken place lately....


    What are you all waiting for? Do you want to see the fortress destroyed? Kill the traitorous Heavenly Eagles now! the Beastmaster roared furiously when he saw the hesitation among the soldiers..

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    Fellow student, it's unwise to use violence in the school, Bai Mei said to the golden-haired man in an advising tone..


    She was certainly the goddess of the Fire Element. Leaving her soft, tender skin and adorable nose aside, her charming eyes were enough to make someone feel lost in her beauty..

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    The Demoness' eyes flickered as she controlled the Magicians who had lost consciousness..

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    If the news was from Hunter Masters or Senior Hunters, the information that the scrolls contained would be extremely valuable!.


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