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    Hai Dafu was standing in the middle of the arena with astonishment on his face..


    _Reinforcements have finally arrived!!_.

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    The ancient city has a tomb. It's inside the most famous spectral land of our country. Brother Mo Fan, did you not hear about it during your classes?.

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    They won't, most of the people are watching the play. We'll finish this quickly, the blond man smiled back..


    Oh, oh… This is already very impressive!” Mo Fan nodded..






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    Originally, they wanted to use this fight as an examination as well. This way, they would be able to determine the combat prowess of the two..

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    She lost, Mu Nujiao actually lost!.

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    However, this guy Chao He was incredibly sinister. The drugs he had dosed her with weren’t life-threatening. However, they did severely affect Tangyue’s control over her stars. Her desires were simply so strong that they nearly made her lose all her reasoning..

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    They were the warriors of Bo City; no matter what happened, Mo Fan couldn’t just sit there and watch them die!.

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    Wang Liting and his squad would definitely pay for their impulse of rushing out first!.

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    The reason why the Pearl Institution was able to stand at the very top among the many schools and institutions in the entire country for so many years was closely related to the Three Step Tower..

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    The Shadow Star Atlas emerged first, but when the Shadow Stones serving as Stars shot their radiance into the sky, yet another Star Atlas appeared there!.


    A person that even Dean Xiao recognized to a certain extent, could it be that this great monster really did conceal even more power?.


    The oval-faced girl's eyes widened as she watched the green creature climbing on the ceiling like a spider, slowly approaching them!.

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    The short and skinny man quickly shook his head, I’m really bad, I don’t even know if I can last a round.”.

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