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    Professor Shi had told Mo Fan a lot of information about the Totem Beasts. Among the stories was information about the Moon Moth Phoenix, so he recognized it when Yu Shishi mentioned its name.

    What does Elder Leng Qing's murder have anything to do with us? the Elder of Mount Wuyi Enforcement Union, Zou Hui, asked.


    Mo Fan was done with his meal, and shouted, asking everyone to gather before him.

    Magni Dolores

    He did not have a breakthrough, but he had discovered a way to perfectly combine Fire Magic and Space Magic. It was more exciting than advancing his Element by a tier!

    Dolor Sitema

    The cunning Bronze-Fang Hillmen could not afford to hide any further. There were seven of them, each holding back the troops of soldiers with their Commander-level strength...

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    What is it? asked Mo Fan.

    Mo Fan immediately thought of something. He had completely forgotten about the possibility that the man's capabilities might be part of his Innate Talent!

    Neque saepe temporibus repellat ea ipsum et. Id vel et quia tempora facere reprehenderit.

    Mm, it will become stabler once my cultivation improves, Mo Fan confirmed.

    If Zhao Manyan knew there was another guy, he would have tried his best to save him, too. It was a human life, after all.

    If he swayed even a little, it would give his opponent more opportunities to strike. At that time, it was not just the flesh of his legs, he would even lose his heart!


    Mo Fan and Dean Xiao went to the training ground. Dean Xiao cast a Rolling Wave at Mo Fan, a typical Water Spell.

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    Mu Ningxue was planning to establish her clan here, which meant she had also found a new habitat. It consisted of a city, woods, and she could also enjoy the pleasant view of the sea as she pleased, too...

    Dolor Sitema

    Well, there isn't anything to report about the Totem Beasts, but I do have something that I believe the Chairman should know. Is he available? Mo Fan asked.

    Sed ut perspiciatis

    Girl, the jerks that are hitting on you are back again, the old woman called out mockingly.

    Magni Dolores

    Once we cleanse the area, we can set up sentries there on Feiyue Mountain. We will then widen and deepen the river on Shuangyang Mountain, and turn it into a harbor with a waterway out to the ocean. This place will soon surpass Bo City! Mu Zhuoyun was very satisfied with the place.

    Nemo Enim

    What a pity. If only more people listened to us and left when they had the chance. It wouldn't have ended like that....

    Eiusmod Tempor

    Mo Fan was shocked when he saw how long the woman's legs were. It was a pity that her leg was so heavily damaged.

    Why choose us?

    These goddamn Rainbow-Tailed Demon Sparrows! I'll assemble a greater army when we make it back to the city and kill them all! Tong Shang snapped furiously.


    Hillmen are quite intelligent for demon creatures. Even the low-level Hillmen know how to work together to hunt down their prey... Lingling said.

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    Voluptates dolores

    He killed Ke Lingxi, Tangyue said with a self-blaming look, I shouldn't have locked them up in the same cell.

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    Mo Fan looked at Yu Shishi and asked curiously, You sound like you're familiar with the Hunter Fang Panther Demons?

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    But that's from the Dali Clan, not the Donghai Magic Association... Mo Fan continued relentlessly.

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    Leader, are they really here to lead us? Why do I feel like they are just a bunch of kids with some background? Daxie asked Qi Yang in a soft voice.

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