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The two don't conflict with one another. The Magic Court is well aware of its presence. By the way, the Head of the Magic Court is my eldest uncle....


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On top of that, Mu Ningxue's Ice Seed was not just a simple Spirit-grade Soul Seed..


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You're running away? Do you really think you have enough time for that? Lu Nian was accumulating his energy. It might seem like he would be channeling the cast for quite some time, but there was no way Zhan Kong could make his way out of range in time..


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The Stars aligned into patterns. The patterns glowed brightly while they slowly combined. They gradually merged into an astonishing Constellation near Lu Nian's position..

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The Razortail Drake raised its head and uttered a commanding roar to the Giant Lizards on the streets..


Alright, we should strike the iron while it's hot!.

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