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Telekinesis: Scatter! Mo Fan was enveloped by a silver aura. A strong shockwave produced by his will knocked the mummies nearby flying, and they crashed back into their comrades!


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Bola transformed into a purple bat with a flicker of motion and appeared behind an Enforcer suddenly.

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The demon blood that he had been withholding for a long time turned restless. They were like demons that had just been released from cages. They could not wait to descend upon the mundane world and unleash their wrath across the sacred mountain!

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The Giant Tactile Centipede Demon was quite cunning, too. It knew Mo Fan was crippled when he was in the air. After driving the Flying Creek Snow Wolf away, it turned around. The seam down its chest opened suddenly, revealing many pairs of densely packed red eyes!

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Zhang Dan was his brother. He never thought the man could suppress his younger brother so easily, after seeing how young he looked. It was surprising the young man was an Advanced Mage!

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The team consisted of twelve people. Ge Ming was a Super Mage, while the others were all Advanced Mages.


A dozen Mages started constructing Star Constellations. The Star Constellations of different Elements formed a destructive Elemental aura surging in Mo Fan's direction!

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An enormous, white shadow stood firmly behind Mo Fan. It was a Demon Wolf Supreme that had been awakened from the deepest abyss in the Underworld. The wolf stared down at the sacred mountain. The savage light its eyes were emitting could easily tear these weaklings into pieces!



The handsome man with spiky hair went forward and dragged Mo Fan off the seat. He said, I'm different from them. I'm aiming to graduate With Excellence, so you better not do anything that would make the mentor mad, or I'm going to make you pay for it!

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\I, I'm just a decoy to hide her identity… let me go, if I die, she will die too,\ Xinxia had no idea how she could convince Mo Fan, but she had to. They could no longer alter the outcome.

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Mo Fan lifted his gaze and asked her, Well… it's my first time being a teacher. I think I was handling it pretty well… but what should I do tomorrow so they will think I'm an experienced teacher?

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Bai Hongfei was unwilling to let Cao Qinqin stay up late just to look after him. He said, You should go back and rest, I'm perfectly fine here.


However, he did not back away. He gathered his courage and walked closer to the lake.

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However, as Yu Ang was deciding if he should mention Xu Zhaoting or Mo Fan's father, he was shocked to see Mo Fan knock a relatively strong Enforcer flying with a single punch. He could not even tell if the man was still alive!

He fully recovered in just a short period of time. On the other hand, Asha'ruiya's face was extremely pale, but she was still as gorgeous as usual.

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\Wait!\ Song Qiming stopped Salan.

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\Tyrant Titans have the ability to change their color, like chameleons. They live in the mountains, and when their bodies are close to the rocks, their colors will turn so they can blend in with the mountains!\ Mo Fan said.

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\Avenge...avenge the Great Muse!\ A Golden Sun Knight that was blindly loyal to Mellaura let out a roar, trying to overcome his fear. Even though they were Super Mages, they had never seen anything like Mo Fan!

Mmm, Brother Fan, don't worry. I'll leave Shi Qianshou to you! Zhang Xiaohou nodded.

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    They were the strongest Mages in China. Mo Fan's demon flames were struggling to break through the barrier of the Dark Execution Ground, but Song Qiming was once the Clergyman of the Holy Judgment Court. He was quite familiar with the Dark Execution Ground.

    Why does Southwest only fly 737’s?

    Same here, I can't move anymore! Feishu who had yet to fully recover from his injuries spoke up.

    How are interest rates adjusted?

    No wonder it feels like the pressure has slowly decreased. As expected of the man that saved the Ancient Capital!


    Mo Fan, you're too full of yourself! Lu Xin felt like he was about to explode. He had already lowered his voice, despite his status as a Councilman. What else did this fool want? It was not going to end well for both sides if he stubbornly stood his ground!


    Normally, Song Qiming would insist on judging Izisha guilty, as he believed it was the right thing to do, even if Izisha was not found guilty in the end...


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    \Great...Great Muse!\


    The reward for the third place was fairly impressive, but losing the Pharaoh Spring was a deadly blow to them.

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