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    The girl grabbed onto the blond man's hair, with her juicy lips and her dark eyes. When she was about to undo the camisole that stood in the way of her pleasure, a greenish thing covered in scales slowly crawled into the room from the window.

    Don't kill her, she looks like she is possessed! The blond man was about to kill the thing, but the oval-faced girl next to him stopped him.


    Gugugugu!!! the Cursed Dark Beast let out sounds as it struggled furiously. Unfortunately, its soul was locked by incorporeal shackles. These shackles were made by the half-masked man, and no matter how much more hatred it had, it was unable to do any attack that person.

    Magni Dolores

    The first and second level had a huge disparity between them. In terms of just mana, the second level would have double the amount. A small Nebula's coverage became increasingly bigger, and the radiance of the mana within became increasingly brighter.

    Dolor Sitema

    Mo Fan's face looked upwards and saw the two demons angrily stretching their heads out, looking mighty fiendish. As Mo Fan was falling, he extended his hand and slowly erected a grand middle finger toward the two monsters while falling.

    Voluptatem dignissimos provident quasi corporis voluptates sit assumenda.

    How could the two dare to say anything else? They ran toward the ruins of the hill and dug out their senior schoolmate, Fu Tianming.

    Mo Fan heard a sound. He then realized it was Ye Xinxia has opened her eyes and was talking gibberish.

    Neque saepe temporibus repellat ea ipsum et. Id vel et quia tempora facere reprehenderit.

    He was so exhausted that he fell asleep the second he laid down. He didn't even think about the matter of the battles with the ugly Demons.

    When the new semester started, yet another piece of new information passed through the school.

    This surprising fact caused Mo Fan to be quite baffled. These two worlds were just like mirrors, even some of the small details were identical. There was no reason for such an ancient mythto be not passed down, unless...


    I've contacted them, they should be taking measures… ah, do you guys hear something? Mo Fan asked suddenly.

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    Initially, we also thought this was a prank. However, the money has indeed been transferred to our account, and it wasn't a small sum, either, Old Bao said.

    Dolor Sitema

    Are there any other wounds?” Ye Xinxia cautiously inspected Mo Fan.

    Sed ut perspiciatis

    Xinxia's school was relatively close to Xihu. When Mo Fan got to Hangzhou, he didn't hastily go and pick her up, he was intent in taking her out for a stroll.

    Magni Dolores

    This… How do I determine what space layer I am most suitable to cultivate in?

    Nemo Enim

    The Rock Demon Soldier was completely immune to the Fire element, and furthermore, even Lightning Element spells were completely ineffective against it.

    Eiusmod Tempor

    When the people Black Vatican made a move, they would definitely demand your life, or else they would take their own.

    Why choose us?

    Right now, she was no longer afraid of a primitive Magician like Mo Fan. It just so happened that she could finally get rid of this godforsaken person and take revenge for her husband!


    The temperature of the flames was extremely high. While the Rose Flames were burning his body, they also stretched to the body of Zhang Lulu by his side.

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    Voluptates dolores

    Mo Fan nodded. Just as he was about to enter the room, two girls came out of the elevator. One of the girls was wearing a long, snow white summer dress. On the front of it was an image of a landscape.

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    I am still a little bit worried. The Black Vatican are vicious and merciless, difficult to guard against whereas he is only a student…

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    He still remembered that a while ago, there was a couple that had entered the forest for some tryst. This forest was kinda huge and with the trees blocking the light, it was definitely one of the best places for this lady to commit her crime.

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    This kind of situation was quite normal. Like the Underground Holy Spring, the Three Step Pagoda was rich in resources, but just like anything else, it only worked the very first time you went in. The longer you continued to cultivate in this place, the more its effects would drop.

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