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    The Nyx Blood Bat kept chasing after the three, but they had a whole group to back them up, including the Super Mage, Mentor Vani. They did not have any trouble taking out the Nyx Blood Bat.


    Apas did not think too much about it, but Mo Fan flushed immediately. Was it really fine for him to recruit the girl as his disciple?

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    Luckily, Mo Fan had established his Dark Swamp Domain. It completely sealed the young Medusa in a maze of darkness before she could flee into the bushes. She had completely lost her sense of direction!

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    However, Mo Fan was no amateur. He quickly asked indifferently, Is there something wrong? Why are you here so early?

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    Oh, sure! Zhao Manyan replied.

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    How unfortunate, the woman replied. She did not seem to be surprised to see Mo Fan here.

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    When the era of magic came, many countries overthrew these ancient civilizations and chose to believe in their own magical power instead.

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    The others were injured from the fighting, too. They had yet to fully recover, but Mo Fan was already vigorous and lively. They began to wonder if his blood was mixed with the blood of some demon creatures!

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    You can bluff as much as you want in front of other countries… but you should really control yourself when you're with Mo Fan and I, Zhao Manyan smiled at him.

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    Mo Fan contacted the Flying Creek Snow Wolf. Old Wolf, get your brothers from their caves, I'm going to announce some great news!

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    Apas promptly moved closer to Mo Fan in fear. After what she had been through, she subconsciously relied on the first person that had provided her with a sense of security. In Apas' eyes, Mo Fan was the only good guy, and everyone else was a bad guy!

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    Mo Fan, a woman asked me to give this to you... Mu Bai handed the note to him.

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    European University Institute? Heidi looked at the mustached man in surprise.

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    Brianca quickly realized the situation after hearing Mo Fan's words. She was not as knowledgeable as Mo Fan when it came to dealing with demon creatures.

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    Zhao Manyan, Meos, Mu Bai, and Shreev cast their defensive spells simultaneously. Magic of different colors forming an ice shield, a wind barrier, and a light rampart intertwined in the air above Mo Fan and Heidi...

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    It is, for some reason, even the Giant Female Snakes have been granted Medusae's power too! They can also cast the Eyes of Vengeance on their enemies. We are not the only people put under the Curse. Many people are waiting for the Tear of Medusa! Mo Fan informed him.