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    Run, we'll protect you! The other soldiers continued to engage one-by-one to stop the Bronze-Fang Hillman from attacking Shao Ru.

    It's the Dandelion Grass. I didn't think we would be so lucky to see these natural Dandelion Grass seeds floating in the sky. Quick, let's follow them. There must be quite a few Giant Purple Lindens nearby! Wang Dakuo was overjoyed, as if he had completely forgotten about what happened to the group.


    The creature did resemble a caterpillar, with a strange-looking head and a green body with spikes. However, the group was having trouble believing it, mainly because of its unbelievable size!

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    It's Mo Fan! Don't worry, he is no match for you all, Nanrong Ni naturally recognized Mo Fan right away.

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    Nanrong Ni was familiar with Mo Fan's temper. The man was reckless enough to do anything when he lost his temper. He would disregard all the rules and laws!

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    Lingling was initially confused, but she soon realized what Mo Fan was worried about seeing the look in his eyes.

    There were dead bodies covered in blood everywhere!

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    He plucked the leaf from the branch. The Giant Purple Linden immediately emitted purple light and a rustling noise.

    Demon crests? Holy cow, where did you get all these demon crests? Zhao Manyan stared at the space filled with a special kind of leaf in disbelief.

    Nine Dragons! Mo Fan slammed his fist into the ground. The road cracked apart in front of him as pillars of lava burst out like fiery dragons, a spectacular and deadly sight.


    Mo Fan thought Yan Shi would keep repeating the same words, but the temperature of her body dropped before she could repeat it a second time!

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    I was busy with some research in a hidden chamber, so I couldn't hear anything. However, I happened to see you committing a murder when I came out. You better surrender, and I'll give you my word that you won't suffer much, Elder Lin Ze replied sternly.

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    The moth's limited numbers could not hold their place any longer facing both the golden flames and the deadly breath at the same time. A part of the Moon Moth Phoenix's cocoon was soon exposed.

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    They were overjoyed when they learned their kids were awake and perfectly fine. They did not really care about the reason why they were sleeping in random places. They had no clue how dangerous the night before was, nor did they see the moths that had been looming over the city.

    Magni Dolores

    These moths were not as strong as other demon creatures. They normally ended up as food to other creatures while wandering around aimlessly. They were like a bunch of tiny insects living in the little gaps of the world. Their life and death was never nature's concern.

    Nemo Enim

    The bulky Hunter Fang Panther Demon seemed to have discovered that it was wearing a green hat. It immediately unleashed a strong aura. It completely ignored Yu Shishi's presence!

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    Seven months, that short? Mo Fan was surprised.

    Why choose us?

    A legend, I love legends. A local legend always reflects how stupid the local people are, a teenage boy wearing a pair of sunglasses replied indifferently.


    Nanrong Ni was scared, too. Both she and Nanrong Xi kept backing away.

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    For some reason, Yu Shishi felt calmer seeing the town slowly developing. She was surprised to be looking forward to it, too...

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    I've been to the land that you bought, Yu Shishi said.

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    The blue things turned out to be an overwhelming number of moths. Mo Fan had no idea where they had come from. The creatures were lunging at the Carnelian-Head Spider as if they had long awaited this opportunity.

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    Don't underestimate her! It's her Innate Talent, Nirvana Ice Domain! Her Ice Magic will grow stronger the longer the fight goes on. We should end it as quickly as possible, Nanrong Ni, who was extremely familiar with Mu Ningxue's capabilities, reminded the others.

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