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    The Blue Deacon did not expect the attack at all. He was blown into the air like straw. He struggled to cast a defensive spell while he was spinning at high speed in the air.

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    I thought you recently said that you were never going to come back to this school for the rest of your life? Mu Bai promptly teased him.

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    Zhang Xiaohou knelt heavily in front of the empty armor. He slammed his head heavily onto the sturdy ground.

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    The man helped the drunk young man up and dragged him out of the diner. He handed the young man to a few others who were with him. They happened to walk past Mo Fan and Mui Nujiao's table. The man came to a stop and frowned when he saw Mui Nujiao.


    Mo Fan's vision recovered. It was filled up by the army of undead, so massive that he could no longer see the horizon.

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    Mo Fan, Zhao Manyan, and Mu Bai were able to use their magic after leaving the White Lava. Tong Li, Qi Shan, and the others might be a little strong, but they clearly did not stand a chance against the trio. They quickly took care of their enemies with the energy they had recovered.


    Mo Fan, are you reluctant to leave because you want to take out the Cold Prince? Lingling asked when she realized Mo Fan's intention.

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    Get it now and take profit.

    The Underworld Monarch Frog locked its gaze on Bin Wei as its body suddenly sank a little. The yellow ground began to crack apart as it could no longer withstand its weight.

    We only found out that the Black Vatican is Summoning creatures from the Underworld to invade our land… yet the majority of the troops are being sent east, where a great storm is coming, further weakening our defense. Speaking of adding hail to snow! Mo Fan sighed.


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    Violet Ghost almost thought a Super Mage had shown up. It was easier than flipping a hand for a Super Mage to kill him!

    Since the stars were constantly moving, and the Great Pyramid of Giza was temporarily moved here by the Triangle Dimensional Mirror, it would only last for a few days. Their only chance was to evacuate the land. They were going to die for sure if they tried to resist...

    Mo Fan turned to Dongfang Mo and asked, Old Mo, are you going to intervene if I have an urge to beat the crap out of your son?

    The Cold Prince continued to spit out black smog clouds in the direction of the Great Wall, as if the amount he had exhaled previously was nowhere enough.

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