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    If they knew the White Sand Giants's intelligence was so astonishing in the first place, why would they spend so much effort trying to split them up and defeat them in groups?

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    That's right! Didn't you realize that the White Magic Falcons are not trying to destroy the fortress? After we moved all the infected from White Town and the fortress to Hangzhou City, the demon beasts have already set their eyes on the city instead! Li Tian said heavily.

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    Tell me about it first! replied Mo Fan.

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    Mo Fan had limited geographical knowledge, yet he immediately came to an understanding when Jiayuguan was mentioned, having a clearer picture of where the place was.


    Leng Qing finally smiled for once. She immediately said to Mo Fan, You will bring Councilman Zhu Meng's order to West Lake and have them withdraw the Lightning Punishment Formation. Ask them to head to West Fortress at once to defend against the army of White Magic Falcons.

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    In Mu Nujiao's case, this was her first year at the main campus. Even with her talents, she was only ranked one hundred and forty-fifth. She could not even get into the top one hundred.


    The transformation of the Stars in the Spiritual World seemed like a time-consuming process, but it actually happened almost instantly. As the White Sand Giants chopped with their sand sabers in Mo Fan's direction, his figure sank into the shadow of the clouds once again.

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    Mu Nujiao's eyes flickered with shame and anger. She should be happy knowing Mo Fan had survived, yet she somehow assumed he was doing it on purpose to achieve his evil goal. She replied, I thought so. A bad guy like you wouldn't die so easily.

    The place was crowded with workers and a few soldiers. They were hesitating if they should consider the beast as hostile.


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    The Lightning Punishment fell together with the demon bird. At a certain height, the Silver Skyruler suddenly uttered a shrieking call. The piercing cry echoed in the night sky among the army of White Magic Falcons.

    According to Chen Yi's explanation, the Fiery Sorceress had saved Chen Yi's mother before. On top of that, her mother had lived a few years with the Fiery Sorceress. Therefore, when they arrived at the Fire Cloud Woods. it was reasonable for the Fiery Sorceress to welcome them warmly.

    The group set the Wind Camels free and climbed down to the descending barren lands. Intimidating cries would occasionally be heard from the desert, like soldiers on patrol signaling their restless comrades that their prey was walking right into the trap!

    The villa was protected by a barrier. The meteorite would be reduced in half by the water-blue barrier. As such, the Fiery Sorceress simply aimed the meteorite at the hill instead...

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