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    *[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes.


    A few Battlemages were smiling to themselves. Normally within this stronghold, their Boss Zhankong would beat them until cuts and bruises were all over their bodies. Who would’ve known that there’d be a time where even Boss Zhankong would have a headache, too?.

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    Perhaps, who knows.”.

    He reckoned Mu Zhuoyun’s blood pressure today had risen by a lot!…

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    Get outta here,” The dorm head reluctantly threw his beloved underwear into the bin.…

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    Yeah, then there's a saying that you should know: If one is ugly then one should have more….hiccups, if one is ugly then one should learn Magic! Mo Fan said these heartfelt words with sincerity.…

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    The Little Loach Pendant seemed as though it really understood, as it no longer blindly caused trouble. It returned to obediently laying on Mo Fan’s chest.…

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    Xiao Ke panicked, frantically linking the Water Star Path. Too nervous, Xiao Ke slowed down and couldn't cast Water Meld in time.…

  • 千赢游戏官方下载-最新首页

    There wasn’t enough time for Mo Fan to check whether Zhang Xiaohou was alive or not. Taking advantage of the time the Spirit Wolf was recharging, Mo Fan closed his eyes!.

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    The ice quickly covered its body, and the puppet now looked as though it was painted in a layer of ice lacquer. It was rather astonishing..

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    *[Daoist Fierce Tiger]: The author of this novel.


    Exactly. The period of time where the interns are here are the most lively period of time in this stronghold. Guess which one of these interns will be scared to the point where they pee their pants?” a man who looked like the officer of a small Hunter’s squad said as he stuck his head out.…


    I really underestimated him!” At last, Mu Zhuoyun couldn’t help but spit these words out.…