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    They are here, help has arrived! the soldiers guarding the entrance yelled out in excitement..

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    \Isn't that woman dead already?\ Mo Fan said..

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    Little Flame Belle flew back and forth helping Mo Fan to search for the others. However, she did not find any trace of the people either..

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    Ye Xinxia did not want to be a burden. As long as she was trapped here, Mo Fan had no choice but to fight Hayla!.


    Lu Xin was not dumb enough to sacrifice his entire clan just because of his narrow-minded sons. He was only trying to stop Mo Fan from destroying the clan's reputation. However, he immediately gave up after listening to the Chairman's advice..

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    Mo Fan had already told the others that he was most likely going to wait for the fire on the mountain. Only then would Mo Fan be able to find the Sacred Ground of the Fire Element to resurrect Little Flame Belle. Mo Fan was willing to stay here for a year if need be, let alone a single day..


    \I will lead some men and go down the mountain through the Starry Mountain Path, to intercept her and prevent the Black Totem Snake from leaving with the offender, Ye Xinxia,\ Lanjin stated..

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    29 Sep 2084

    \It's still a fact that Ye Xinxia murdered Panijia. She will be sentenced to death, regardless if she was Salan or not. Besides, Mo Fan dared to stir up chaos in our Parthenon Temple. There's no way we can forgive him easily!\ Mellaura immediately screamed..

    New Great Taste

    23 Sep 2084

    Under the cold rain and the flying petals, Great Muse Mellaura and Great Magistrate Dulanc were flying toward them, followed by a troop of Golden Sun Knights and an army of Silver Moon Knights. The light of their magic armor was bright enough to light up the mountain..

    Spicy Pizza

    14 Sep 2084

    Mo Fan launched himself into the air from the Black Totem Snake's head. He was not able to fly, but he easily leapt over the tall hill in front of him and landed on the mountain among the Adjudicators like a meteorite..

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    25 Aug 2084

    AHHHH! It hurts! Li Sichong suddenly screamed out in pain. The expression on his face showed that he was serious..

    Great Breakfast

    17 Aug 2084

    Which means, since Dean Xiao is circulating the water flowing into Tongxiang, it actually makes the situation worse by poisoning the kids and the people further. I have to let the mentor know as soon as possible! Bai Hongfei said..

    Fresh Fruit Juice

    12 Aug 2084

    Little Loach was fairly intelligent. It started searching for the energy after the reminder from its master..


  • Huang Yi had no intention of sitting and waiting for her death. She clenched her teeth, prepared to have a final showdown with Mo Fan....

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  • Who are you!? Zhao Manyan yelled. He was still able to speak..

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  • The question was, where did they go? Why didn't they leave some clue for him? How was he supposed to look for them?.

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